Waltzing freely through
Hot summer sooty air
Rooted elders loom victoriously
Over man’s Georgian nests
We feign grandeur with our brash presence
But nature laughs for she is our true sovereign

Blue arches and dimmed lights
Industrial revolution coined forever
In the backdrop of gentile city life
Filled with The Smoke and the modern buzz
Of the ever changing beast

Finally unchained
The blue bright breeze
Wraps up and cherishes so lush
Whispering in a gush

Succumb to nothingness
Float like an autumn leaf
Beautiful might of weightless graciousness
After a lifelong lived in branches
A falling flying voyage

Little pussycat crosses the road
Hum of wheels roll past
Cycling singers and drunken jesters
Back we are in the beautiful chaos


Happy Thoughts #1

Dreams of lying in baked grass,
sun blushing our cheeks,
embraced in infinite blue atmosphere,
eyes closed, music running
through our veins,
gradual elation as the drum beats
to the serene of our hearts-

There is a rising sun and everything
is new, and naked and raw-

Welcome to the new world,
where we are free and flying,
our cells absorbing the hum of the earthy terrain-
The shoots of grass
growing into us, wrapping around
the soft hairs of our arms-

Bringing every aura under
the infinite fiery unlocked life,

Take me there

The Wall

You came in and you smashed it,
That silken glistening thread between us,
With all your force you smashed it,
Burnt down and cracked it,
Cast light on the places I had covered with dust,
All the cracks I had covered with roses,
The fortress of illusion I had shielded myself in,
You came in and you smashed it.

All the beauty we had painted together,
Suddenly I saw that your brushstrokes
Were more scarce, more reckless
Where mine had been heartfelt,
Yours had been loveless,
As I stared into the canvas,
I saw bleeding the ridged blots you had left all over,
You came in and you smashed it.

Just for the kicks, you obliterated
Again and again and again
Until the threads that bound us,
Until all that remained was
A deep empty pit between
In the ravaged debris left
Grew an impenetrable wall


She flittered up and down,
Like fireflies under street lamps;
Oscillator of all the textures-
Now a fading, dormant creature
Of dim simmering.

Still, at times she returns
Feeling herself spinning in a beam of light,
Arms outstretched
Twisting branches around herself
Out and beyond the red mass,
seeping bursts of waves
As cold air bites the veins
And so the rush pulses throughout,
Lifting her up into the infinite,
electrifying possibility of joy

Oscillator once more,
Awake only in the ephemeral
white eye of the night.


Once again, I am peeled of my layers,
Revealing the raw segments that break me
And yet, so are they meant to be,
In their whole fragments,
Look closely…
Running down the delicate membrane,
Between heart and skin
Weeps a glistening, orange hued tear
Sweet and sour drop you are on my tongue
Your beauty is your perfect brokenness
I am the orange.


This is about the simultaneous experience of listening to a particular song in the present and the past in the same moment.

Birdland on the balcony ago,
Footsteps now glide through ice fields,
Inevitable and self-made face fog,
Simmering in exhilaration, anguish and hope.

Joyous warm sandstone under bare feet,
Vibrations pulsing at the touch psychedelic
Dreaming of animation,
Earie expansive planes ahead

Smoke channelled from ardent mouths…
Where is the town?
Startle. A contact unexpected
Take a right, then right.

Alone in eternal cinders
Glowing in darkness…

I’m going up take me up
Running through me,
Pacing and pacing forth,
Street lights flashing like sirens.

Blushed pink walls in fragments,
Fumbling outside of the concrete,
To a space beyond and here
We like Birdland.